DHL Carrier


Configuration Enhancements (TDMET-365)

  • New config to set base rate for price calculation

  • New config to set additional charges

Checkout improvements and fixes (TDMET-365)

  • Enhance poststations select on checkout (loading)

  • Reformat and fix address assignments and updates


Fix Validation Config (TDMET-360)

  • Fix checkout layout processing

  • Extend ReadMe for validations infos


DHL Poststation Shipping / DHL Carrier

  • Implementation DHL Carrier (TDMET-319)

  • Default configs and system settings (TDMET-319)

  • Custom configs for shipping method DHL (TDMET-319)

  • Menu integration (TDMET-319)

  • DHL Api Connection via Soap (TDMET-320)

  • Search for dhl stations on checkout by postcode (TDMET-320 / TDMET-321)

  • Checkout address handling (TDMET-321 / TDMET-322 / TDMET-323)

  • Checkout address handling for logged in users (TDMET-322)

  • Change handling for billing address on dhl shipping (TDMET-322)

  • Postbox validations on Checkout and address book (TDMET-323)