Documentation pixi* connector


pixi * offers as Magento 2 module a URL-based interface from Pixi based on BMECat and OpenTrans to Magento.

  • Export of product data from Magento to pixi *

  • Import of inventory changes from pixi * to Magento

  • Export of orders from Magento to pixi *

  • Import of order status changes from pixi * to Magento

  • Supported product types:

  • simple-products (as simple stand-alone products and as an image of physical storage) configurable products grouped products

  • Support of different, individual project requirements via configuration in the Magento backend:

  • Any product attributes as product identification and EAN in pixi *

  • Possibility of assigning any number of manufacturer article numbers

  • Any tax configurations through the option of assigning the article tax classes between Magento and pixi *

  • Any Magento payment and shipping methods through the possibility of assigning payment methods and shipping service providers from pixi *

  • Special Magento order status, these can be configured individually for each situation provided by pixi *.

  • Support for further processing of orders by the pixi * PayOne app by transferring the transcription IDs to pixi * (Please ask pixi * for more details on terminology)

  • Easily adaptable and updateable to special requirements via Magento Observer logic, which cannot be mapped via configuration (partly already implemented)