This documentation is not for the latest version Pacemaker version. Click here to switch to version 1.2

M2IF is an open-source import framework for Magento 2. Please refer to M2IF Website for more details.

Professional Edition (PE)

Beside the Community Edition that can be downloaded from the our website (see above), an Professional Edition (PE) is available. The PE is part of the Pacemaker Distribution, but can also be installed standalone. The main advantage of the PE is a performance improvement comparing to the CE of round about 30 - 50 %.


There are two installation options available. The first one is the possiblity to download it as PHAR, the second one to install via Composer.

To install it via Composer. For the Composer installation, the same How to install as for Pacemaker has to be done. But instead of installing Pacemaker invoke composer require techdivision/import-cli-por="3.7.*" in order to install the M2IF PE.

Inside Pacemaker

Pacemaker is using M2IF as a component, which drives the imports. Therefore it brings its own configuration files for M2IF. These files are located in the etc directory of each pacemaker-import package (see vendor/techdivision/pacemaker-import-catalog/etc/import-config or vendor/techdivision/pacemaker-import-price/etc/import-config, etc.).

Each import step defines the used import configuration file as an argument inside the pipeline.xml.

<argument key="configuration" value="TechDivision_PacemakerImportCatalog::etc/import-config/community/products.json" />