Configure Heartbeat Cron

This documentation is not for the latest version Pacemaker version. Click here to switch to version 1.2

The heartbeat cronjob is one of the major parts of Pacemaker. It is necessary to have this job up and running in order to use Pacemaker.

The heartbeat executes the condition checks for and initiates pipelines, which are ready to be executed. At the same time, it checks the conditions for steps within existing pipelines and triggers the execution, if a step is ready to run.

Default configuration

By default you should create a new crontab entry within your OS as following:

* * * * *  /usr/bin/env php <PATH_TO_MAGENTO_ROOT>/bin/magento pipeline:heartbeat

This configuration will run the heartbeat every minute.

Another heartbeat interval

If you need to run the heartbeat less often then every minute you need to define the pulse in order to avoid time gaps within time-based conditions.

Example for a heartbeat, which is running every two minues:

*/2 * * * *  /usr/bin/env php <PATH_TO_MAGENTO_ROOT>/bin/magento pipeline:heartbeat --pulse 2