General Settings

Pipeline Settings

Pipelines are the core components for Pacemaker. Please refer to Components & Concepts > Process Pipelines for more details. There are settings, which defines the overall behaviour of pipelines. This settings could be found under following path: Stores > Configuration > Pacemaker > Pipeline Settings

process pipelines general settings
Figure 1. Configuration in Magento Backend

Working directory

In this section you may configure the location of the working directory. The path could be relative to Magento’s root directory or absolute. Further you can specify how the working directory should be named. It is possible to use following placeholders:

  • %pipeline_id

  • %year

  • %month

  • %day

  • %hour

  • %minute

  • %second

Mini Heartbeat

This feature triggers a heartbeat every time a step was executed. This heartbeat is restricted to the one pipeline, which the concerned step belongs to. With this feature the whole process