Pacemaker Documentation (v1.3)


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As of version 3.8.0, the structure of the setup has changed considerably, and the previous configuration files are no longer be used.

To avoid complex adjustments of the configuration, version 3.8.0 merged the configuration for all entities into one but dedicated overwriting of individual settings is now possible, e.g. for the log level.

Pacemaker Community Edition (CE) - provides components to build import solutions for Magento 2

Unlike other approaches, the framework is not built as a Magento 2 extension. There are also no dependencies on other frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, or others.

Independent components are provided, which can be linked together as needed by adding them as component dependencies. Our fully functional CLI implementation is a good start to show you how the Pacemaker Community Edition (CE) Version can be used and customized to your needs.

You can find more information in our Pacemaker Community Edition (CE) Repository