Product links

  • related, upsell, and crosssell links are supported

As Pacemaker Community Edition (CE) also supports the import of grouped products, which are nothing else than the additional link type super, it is possible to import the products linked to a grouped product.

Only a comma (,) separated list of the linked products has to be specified in the appropriate column to import those link types.

  • column related_skus for related products that will be rendered on the product detail page

  • column upsell_skus for upsell products that will be rendered on the product detail page

  • column crosssell_skus for crosssell products that will be rendered on the shopping cart

  • column associated_skus for products that will be part of a grouped product, which will also be rendered on the product detail page

For example, the columns to import those link types may look like

sku …​ related_skus upsell_skus crosssell_skus associated_skus …​






Besides the SKUs of the linked product itself, it is also possible to specify the position of the related products

sku …​ related_position upsell_position crosssell_position associated_position …​





The position also has to be a comma (,) separated list, but it contains numbers instead of the SKUs.

The numbers are the position where it will render the linked product in the GUI.

Please be aware that the positions of the columns are not mandatory, and the columns can be empty.

If so, the Pacemaker Community Edition (CE) creates the position itself, based on the given SKUs order.

If the positioning will be changed in the Magento backend, they will be overritten within the next import process

Magento 2 Community Edition (CE) < 2.1.6

Magento 2 Community Edition (CE) supports positioning for product links, as well as Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE).

By default, up to version 2.1.6, importing product positions is not possible in the Magento 2 Community Edition (CE), because the database of the Magento 2 Community Edition (CE) lack’s of missing rows in the catalog_product_link_attribute table.

In case the rows are not available, the import will ignore positions defined in the CSV file’s columns.

  • related_position

  • crosssell_position

  • upsell_position

To enable importing positions, add the following rows the Magento 2 Community Edition (CE) database.

        `catalog_product_link_attribute` (

Make sure that the values are not already available before adding them.