As of version 3.8.0, the structure of the setup has changed considerably, and the previous configuration files are no longer be used.

To avoid complex adjustments of the configuration, version 3.8.0 merged the configuration for all entities into one but dedicated overwriting of individual settings is now possible, e.g. for the log level.

Depending on the requirements, different installation options are available.

Install as Composer Project

To install the package as a new project, assuming the composer is available, open a console and enter

composer create-project techdivision/import-cli-simple --no-dev

It will clone the repository from the internal Gitlab and install Pacemaker Community Edition (CE), that’s all.

Install as Composer Library

The second option, and in most Magento 2 projects the preferred way, will be the installation as a Composer library. For example, if you want to deliver it with your Magento 2 project, please add

  "require": {
    "techdivision/import-cli-simple" : "3.8.x"

to your Magento 2 composer.json file. Then run

composer update

from your Magento 2 root directory, and you’re all set up.

Use as PHAR

The last, but for sure not the worst installation option, is to download the latest PHAR from our Github release page and make it executable, e.g. with wget

wget \
  && sudo chmod +x import-cli-simple.phar

To install the PHAR in your actual Magento 2 installation, move it to <MAGENTO-ROOT>/bin/import-cli-simple.phar or, to install it globally, to /usr/bin/import-cli-simple.phar. Now you ready to use it.

Add Missing Indexes

As the Pacemaker Community Edition (CE) functionality differs from the Magento 2 standard, for performance reasons, it is necessary to add some essential indexes manually. To do that, open a MySQL command line, connect to your MySQL server instance and enter the following SQL statement

ALTER TABLE `eav_attribute_option_value` ADD INDEX `EAV_ATTRIBUTE_OPTION_VALUE_VALUE` (`value` ASC); \
  ALTER TABLE `catalog_product_entity_int` ADD INDEX `CATALOG_PRODUCT_ENTITY_INT_VALUE` (`value` ASC); \
  ALTER TABLE `catalog_product_entity_varchar` ADD INDEX `CATALOG_PRODUCT_ENTITY_VARCHAR_VALUE` (`value` ASC); \
  ALTER TABLE `catalog_product_entity_decimal` ADD INDEX `CATALOG_PRODUCT_ENTITY_DECIMAL_VALUE` (`value` ASC); \
  ALTER TABLE `catalog_product_entity_datetime` ADD INDEX `CATALOG_PRODUCT_ENTITY_DATETIME_VALUE` (`value` ASC); \
  ALTER TABLE `url_rewrite` ADD INDEX `URL_REWRITE_ENTITY_ID` (`entity_id` ASC); \
  ALTER TABLE `url_rewrite` ADD INDEX `URL_REWRIRE_ENTITY_TYPE_ENTITY_ID` (`entity_id` ASC, `entity_type` ASC); \
  ALTER TABLE `catalog_product_entity_media_gallery` ADD INDEX `CATALOG_PRODUCT_ENTITY_MEDIA_GALLERY_VALUE` (`value`);

When using the Magic 360 component, additional the following indexes need to be added