Customer + Customer Address Import

Pacemaker Community Edition (CE) comes with a customer and customer address import and the appropriate commands import:customers and import:customers:address therefore.

You can find more information about how to invoke the command in the usage section.

  • The filename for the dedicated MSI import must match the pattern <PREFIX>_<FILENAME>_<COUNTER>.csv.

  • The default <PREFIX> for the customer import is customer-import and for the customer address import customer-address-import.

  • The <FILENAME> is a combination of date and time like 20190608-114344, and the <COUNTER> is a incremental number with two digits starting with 01.

  • As a result, the filename is look like customer-import_20190608-114344_01.csv for customers and customer-address-import_20190608-114344_01.csv for customer addresses.

  • Additionally the appropriate .ok file is needed.

  • There is a fixed structure for the bunch import, which must be followed.

  • The three parts to be specified are each separated by an underscore ( _ ) and result in a filename like <PREFIX>_<FILENAME>_<COUNTER>.csv.

  • The name structure follows a predefined filename structure that is mandatory for the Bunch import.

The customer and customer address import structure is 100 % compatible with the Magento 2 CSV structure.

Read the appropriate Magento 2 documentation for a more detailed description of the CSV file structure.