Getting started

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Pacemaker is an extension bundle (1) for Magento 2.

  • It is a new way to organize your background processes inside your shop system.

  • Pacemaker uses the pipeline pattern, which is familiar to most developers from tools like Gitlab, Jenkins, or Travis.

  • Developers are using these tools to manage complex processes like building and deployment of software.

  • With Pacemaker it is possible to use this powerful pattern also in your eCommerce infrastructure.

Pacemaker Context

pe getting started pacemaker architecture context
Figure 1. Pacemaker Context View

Pacemaker has access to all existing interfaces of Magento as well as the possibility to introduce new connections to foreign or local systems.

Pacemaker Components

Pacemaker consists of many modules. In the current version, these modules can be grouped into four components.

For a better understanding of Pacemaker, it is necessary to know that each of these components is a solution for different types of problems.

Each component has its own dependencies, and whenever you introduce new functionality to Pacemaker, you need to identify the right component to integrate your code.

pe getting started pacemaker architecture pacemaker
Figure 2. Pacemaker Components